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06 Aug 2019

The importance of a will has never been greater

ViiSana can put you in touch with our expert will writing partners who can ensure that your assets go to those you care about the most.


Did you know that if you die without a Will, the rules of Intestacy dictate who will benefit from your estate? Those rules can often lead to major issues:

  • Your children receiving no benefit;
  • If your surviving partner remarries, your assets could end up with their new partner rather than your children or other intended recipients;
  • assets may be with-held from a partner who requires the fund to pay for later-life care such as care home costs.

There are many important reasons to have a Will:

  • Intestate – If you die with no Will in place, the government will decide who inherits your estate
  • Co-habiting – If you are not married or in a civil partnership, without a Will in place your partner may not be legally entitled to anything
  • Married – Your husband or wife may inherit most, or all of your estate and your children may not get anything (depending on the size of your estate). This is true even if you are separated and not divorced
  • Inheritance Tax – good Estate Planning can reduce the amount of Inheritance tax that may become due on your estate
  • Parental Guardianship – If you have children under the age of 18, your Will determines who will take parental guardianship of your children if both parents pass away. Without a sufficient Will, the courts decide where your children would go.  
  • Beneficiaries – You get to choose who inherits your estate
  • Sideways Dis-Inheritance – If you have children from a previous relationship they may be dis-inherited if you re-marry and have no Will in place

If you already have a Will in place it is important to regularly review it, particularly if you experience a common life event such as marriage/divorce; the birth of a new child; the death of an intended beneficiary; a property purchase; an inheritance or a new business.

The team at ViiSana can put you in touch with our expert panel of Will writers who can advise on the best options specific to you. Contact us on 01273 461468 or email

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