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Protect your family's future with Vitality's Life Insurance.

With Vitality’s Life insurance you’re not just protecting your family’s future, you’ll also enjoy access to a range of discounts and rewards that help you to get more out of life.

life insurance

Vitality Life insurance cover at a glance:

  • You can choose to add Whole of Life Cover, incorporating Lifestyle Care Cover which gives you access to some or all of your life cover early if you need it to look after yourself as you grow older.
  • Your policy pays lump sum payments in event of death, or if you’re diagnosed with a terminal condition.
  • If you wish, you can add ‘Vitality Optimiser*’ to your plan for access to enhanced benefits and rewards, an upfront discount on your protection premium* and the opportunity to keep it low in the future. (*Applies to Life Insurance plans only)
  • Their Mortgage Plus option combines life benefit and cover as well as the costs of living in the event of a serious illness.

Vitality calculators

Vitality has created two handy calculators to help you to understand a little more about your health and risk.

blue calculator

Your Vitality Age helps you understand more about your health.

bronze calculator

Have the right protection in place? Try the Vitality Risk Calculator.