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& Individual Protection

Protecting you and your loved ones against death, illness and injury.

The death or incapacity of a spouse/parent on a family can have a catastrophic impact on those who are left behind. Without adequate financial protection in place, the impact can be even greater.


Our team work with families across the UK to provide them with a tailored, affordable package that protects their individual needs. This can cover important areas such as:

  • protecting an existing mortgage, so that a family does not need to move if the worst happen
  • providing a lump sum to cover future rent, if the client is not a home-owner – or even providing enough to allow the purchase of a property
  • covering ongoing living and education costs if children are dependent for some time to come
  • ensuring that the remaining family has a regular income, if one or both parents are not able to provide an income through illness or injury
  • Providing a personal income in the event of incapacitation

What stands us apart is that the advice is explained in a simple, understandable way, so that every customer knows exactly what they are protecting.